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Neighbour through our Eyes

This blog post was originally crafted for Örling & Wu—a lifestyle and homeware store located in Vancouver, BC—when I served as their Social Media Manager and in-house Photographer.

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Vancouver is a vibrant, multicultural haven filled with diverse neighbourhoods and active cultural life. From its art scene, food scene, microbreweries, and independent markets housed on Granville Island, incredible urban parts to get lost in, and everything in between, Vancouver is a city you should devote lots of time to exploring (even if you are a local).

We took a minute to pause and reflect on all the great places in our backyard, and on all of the many reasons we are lucky to call this place home. Join us as we highlight the eminence of our hardworking independent businesses because without their vibrancy and diversity we wouldn’t have a community.

Neighbour through our eyes—this post is a summation of all our favourite Vancouver things we like to do, places to see and think you might like, too.

Melanie Auld

Melanie Auld is a one-of-a-kind Vancouver-based jewelry designer. Designing her jewelry since she was twenty-two, Melanie Auld Jewelry embarked on the journey of founding her brand in 2013—Melanie Auld Jewellery—shortly after moving back to Vancouver.

In June 2019, Melanie Auld opened her first boutique with plans to expand and open boutiques in other parts of Canada and the United States.  Why We Love It: MAJ is inspired by many important facets of Melanie's life including travel, art, history, architecture, and people's stories. All of these facets blend to inspire their collections and bring to life one-of-a-kind, inspirational designs. One of the reasons we especially love MAJ is her true belief in telling your story through the jewelry you wear and the objects you surround yourself with. 

This Fall/Winter, Melanie Auld’s collections place a strong focus on Diamonds, Opals, and Moonstones in opulent, luxe, and vintage designs. As always, their eclectic collections focus on personalization (we're obsessed with the engravable Disc Necklace), celebrating milestones, and representing what's most important to you. Every piece tells a story specific to you.

Melanie Auld Jewelry Flagship 1575 West 6th Avenue www.melanieauld.ca

The Wild Bunch

Whether it's a delicate corsage on prom night or an occasion to celebrate your most cherished friend and family, flowers can make a special occasion all the more special. Delicate foliage and blooms can brighten even the worst day, help someone feel cherished, swoon your loved ones, or just to say ‘thank you’. 

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind floral destination, we took a trip to The Wild Bunch’s brand new Kitsilano location to document exactly why they are truly one of Vancouver’s best, and most creative florists.

Why We Love it: Known for their natural, self-taught approach floral design—one that uses seasonal ingredients to breathe life into new designs—The Wild Bunch incorporates inspiration from the art of traditional Japanese art of floral design, Ikebana, and classically abundant English Garden designs to craft their full-service floral design company. We love a lush Local Bouquet for any day of the year.

The Wild Bunch Flower Shop 1525 West 6th Avenue www.thewildbunch.ca


Established in 1988 by Vancouver native Ross Bonetti, Livingspace has grown to become the city's premier destination for luxury furniture, kitchens, closets, bathroom, and lighting.

The concept for Livingspace was inspired by an appreciation for contemporary design, and the desire to create a unique, approachable and customer-centric retail environment catering to both the consumer and professional design community.

The company has recently expanded to include Livingspace Homes, a fully integrated, residential construction and renovation service, dedicated to delivering exceptional quality homes to compliment the modern lifestyle.

Why We Love It: Walking through Livingspace is like being transported directly into an architectural magazine that will leave you breathless (like the legendary Ligne Roset Togo Sofa). The showroom displays the furniture so eloquently that it allows one to become so immersed they can imagine it in their home. More than just a premier modern luxury furnishing company, Livingspace is the pioneer at the forefront of design in Vancouver.

Livingspace Interiors 1706 West 1st Avenue www.livingspace.com

Reigning Champ

It began in 2007 when founder, Craig Atkinson, embarked on the journey to craft a collection of luxury sportswear basics, the brother to menswear line Wings + Horns. Located on West 4th, home to some of Vancouver’s most coveted stores, Reigning Champ’s flagship location delivers its brand mantra and design philosophy—“respect the details, master simplicity”—with a one-two punch. The redefining space crafted to immerse visitors in a gym or boxing ring atmosphere was brought to life by award-winning designer, Peter Cardew of Peter Cardew Architects. 

Why We Love It: Reigning Champ has become an integral part of Vancouver’s fashion, fitness, and streetwear culture. The brand pays particular attention to the materials and fabrics (like the incredibly soft Ribbed Long Sleeve T-shirt) used in the development of their products which backs their reputation within the fashion market of being one streetwear’s biggest players. Reigning Champ places design and quality at the forefront of its business—their fabrics are plush and thick crafted with seams that feel nearly indestructible. 

Reigning Champ 2119 West 4th Avenue www.reigningchamp.com

Fig Face

Founded by partners, Jessica Walsh and Anita Chan, Fig Face is a facial rejuvenation studio located in the heart of Kitsilano. With a passion for technology and sustainability, Fig Face offers nothing but the highest quality treatments such as facials and injections.

Why We Love It: Fig offers B12 shots, 30-minute facials (we recommend the LED + Oxygen treatment), and Stingers (cosmetic injections). Fig Face is perfect for those skincare enthusiasts who are seeking that haven for all of their rejuvenation needs. And for those extra passionate about skincare, Fig offers monthly memberships converging beauty and transaction into a seamless process and guest experience. There is no experience like a Fig Face experience.

Fig Face 2050 West 4th Avenue www.figface.com

Grapes & Soda

Vancouver’s first-ever natural wine bar. Grapes & Soda offers a unique and intimate dining experience where an ever-changing and carefully cultivated list of natural, organic and biodynamic wines take pride of place with seasonally inspired small plates. Sharing the same spirit for a fresh, local, farm-to-table philosophy as it’s sister restaurant—Farmers Apprentice—Grapes & Soda has become a city essential when it comes to the city’s spirits and dining scene; especially when renowned barman Satoshi Yonemori is at the forefront practicing his exquisite craft.

Why We Love It:  Besides natural wine and small plates, Grapes & Soda delivers a collection of unique, artisanal cocktails and a selection of small-farm cheeses, local charcuterie, and desserts. The cozy, warm, and social environment makes it the perfect place to lounge on a weekend —or snack on some happy hour bites throughout the week.

Grapes & Soda 1541 West 6th Avenue www.grapesandsoda.ca

Small Victory

Founded by local Vancouverite straight out of business school, Qasim Nathoo, Small Victory has quickly become one of Vancouver's most innovative and design-focused cafe and bakery. Operating two locations, Yaletown and South Granville, Small Victory was founded with one simple mantra: "The small things in life that we take for granted but generally have the biggest impact."

Why We Love It: If you’re a coffee drinking, baked goods loving, croissant-connoisseur like us, then this is the destination for you. The menu features some of the most delicious classic pastry items: scones, freshly baked bread, breakfast croissants, tasty tarts, decadent cakes, and cookies. In addition to their one-of-a-kind desserts baked goods (don't miss out on the Pistachio Cronut) that will leave you in a state of temptation, Small Victory also features a mouthwatering lunch and brunch consisting of delicious soups, sandwiches, and their famous Avocado Toast slapped with locally sourced raw honey and flavoursome goat cheese. 

Small Victory 3070 Granville Street www.smallvictory.ca

Their There

Co-owned by the duo behind Vancouver’s AnnaLena, this trendy Kitsilano cafe is a utopia for those seeking a destination where they can indulge in great food, a cozy atmosphere, endless people watching, a cold beer under the summer patio, or just catching up with some friends.

Why We Love It: It never disappoints. Guests can enjoy a warm and laidback atmosphere when they walk into the bakery and coffee shop which features— natural wood, greenery, custom hand-made furniture, and handpicked artwork—selected by enlisted family members which adds a personal and authentic touch. The coffee shop boasts a casual, yet delicious pastry menu; as well as a gourmet breakfast (start your day with their Classic Breakfast Sandwich) and sandwich menu. 

Their There 2042 West 4th Avenue www.theirthere.ca

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