Bailey Nelson, Televisioni Collection

Bagoly @Bagolyofficial (family management)

Matteo Bonetti @Ballinbonetti (key models)

Samia Ozman @SamiaOzman (stranger agency)

First seen in the 1950's product design with concave details and beveled features was prevalent in everything from automotive design to television sets. Colloquially known as 'Televisioni', the name of this mid-century design theme is a literal translation of the idea.

The Televisioni range matches statement design details with iconic re-imaginings of eyewear shapes from the era.

I was commissioned to produce a series of visual images that translate the dynamic design features of this collection on Vancouver's familiar faces.


Kurt in Black

Jessie in Ivory

Isla in Smokey Leopard Tort 

Vancouver, British Columbia

October 2019

Photos by Tyron Harkiss-Foster